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pear market is full of challenges with high price’ Hebei Huangguan coming to markets

Aug. 10, 2020

With the first batch of Huangguan pears on the market, the new season of fresh pears began to enter the maturity period.It is worth noting that with the harvest coming of Huangguan pears which were snapped up as soon as they were put on the market, and it's prices have gone up all the way. At present, the purchase price of Huangguan pears has reached a new high in recent years.The rising price of Huangguan pears, a representative variety of domestic pears, also pushed up the prices of pears in stock last season.

Hebei is the main planting province of Pears in China. Huangguan pear has maintained a high recognition in the domestic and foreign markets for many years due to its advantage appearance: beautiful in color, smooth in surface and round in shape, and excellent tasting: crisp flesh , sweet and juicy. At the same time Huangguan is also the main variety of frozen pear processing.

It is reported that the production of Huangguan pears in Hebei province has been significantly reduced this season, mainly due to the impact of bad weather such as freezing and hail. It is expected that the production of Huangguan pears will be reduced by more than half, which directly leads to the rise in the price of Huangguan pears. At present, The warehousing price of Huangguan Grade A produced in Xinji rose sharply, and hit a new high. Thus, most of Huangguan pears are stored in warehouse. In addition, affected by the rising price of new pears, the price of pears stocked from last year also appeared to up about 20% to 30%. In the same time the price of other varieties of pears have also risen in varying degrees.

Fresh pears in Hebei experienced severe weather such as freezing injury, which not only affected the yield of fresh pears, but also reduced the quality of fresh pears.For example, some fresh pear surface with scar phenomenon, in addition part of the pear heart appeared early "black seed" caused by spring frost, so that the fresh pear storage capacity is greatly affected.

There is full of uncertainty in fresh pear market is affected by the low yield and high price of fresh pear in Hebei province.For Huangguan pears, due to the high price at present, so it’s mainly for warehousing. Snow pear is the main variety after Huangguan, but also the main raw material of frozen processing of pear ding and half. With snow pear now expected to produce 50-70% less than last year, the future frozen pear market is likely to start at a very high price point.

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