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How To Defrost Frozen Vegetables?

Mar. 20, 2021

Frozen Vegetables must be thawed before being eaten and restored to their fresh state before being frozen. Thawing is the reverse process of freezing. Generally, the longer the thawed food stays in the range of -5°C to 0°C, the more serious the discoloration of the food and the loss of juice. Therefore, we hope to pass this temperature range quickly when thawing. . The method of thawing will directly affect the final quality of the product.

Frozen Corn Kernels

Frozen Corn Kernels

Then the commonly used methods of thawing frozen vegetables are as follows:

1.Defrost naturally. Thaw naturally in cold or warm water at room temperature in the refrigerator freezer.

2. Microwave or high frequency thawing. Defrost in a microwave oven.

3. Defrost quickly during cooking. Defrosting is completed during cooking of ingredients, for example, quick-Frozen Corn Kernels can be poured into hot water or hot oil for direct cooking.

The quick-freezing technology of frozen vegetables is basically a quick-freezing technology, with low water content and no ice. The third method of thawing is recommended. The thawed vegetables should be eaten in time, and placed for a long time will have an adverse effect on the color and flavor of the product, and it is easy to breed microorganisms and germs, causing food to spoil.

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