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Merchants: Ways to Sell More Frozen Mushrooms

Dec. 08, 2021

While overall produce sales may be strong, demand always ebbs and flows in different categories. If you find that your mushroom kit isn't performing as well as you'd like, it may be time to give it some love.

Below we've outlined some ways on how you can get merchants to sell more frozen mushroom products.

Frozen Nameko

1. Perform a regular category review

Here, you'll have the rare opportunity to compare the performance of the entire category, confirm that assortments, retailers, promotions and kits are working together, and make course corrections to guide your future category growth. 

When working with a mushroom supplier, you can even receive advice from the supplier on how to optimize your kits. Industry leaders like our team at Agrilinks are always keeping up with new consumer and market trends and constantly refining strategies to increase mushroom sales for retailers. 

2. Create an attractive look

You know your customers want neat and organized displays, and keeping mushroom displays neat is essential!

But organization goes beyond keeping mushroom packages facing backwards and making sure there are no loose caps floating around. Many mushroom manufacturers color code their products, either using distinctly different color packaging or using color-specific labels. In your frozen mushroom kits, pay attention to color coordination by combining specific colors/kinds of mushrooms for a balanced aesthetic.

3. Integrate into the set

While certain parts of the produce perform well in their own separate organic sections, mushrooms are usually not one of them. Data shows that when organic mushrooms are placed on the same shelf as other conventional mushrooms - as opposed to being placed in a separate organic section - unit sales and profits increase!

That's right. Our case studies show that conventional mushroom shoppers will buy organic mushrooms if they are displayed with all mushrooms if the product is fresh and reasonably priced.

quality check

4. Diverse mushrooms

Large grocery stores typically carry the White, Suillus Granulatus and Nameko varieties because these stable sellers are familiar to most everyday shoppers. These best-selling mushrooms are usually a safe bet, but they come in a variety of forms, such as sold whole or sliced. 

Consider also that not all retailers sell specialty varieties - such as oyster, shiitake, king trumpet, dancing mushroom, enoki or beech mushroom - and that your choice to stock these exotic varieties can make your mushrooms stand out from the competition. 

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