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Some Myths You Ma Have about the Frozen Fruits

Dec. 21, 2021

Ample evidence shows that frozen fruit is just as good as fresh when it comes to incorporating delicious, healthy fruit into your diet. During the winter months when produce shelves are needed, freezing is a necessary compromise. It has long been the mantra of healthy eaters. To reinforce what those who enjoy fruit year-round already know, we're debunking some freezing myths that will help even fresh fanatics turn to the frozen section.

Myth: Big packs are inconvenient

Don't kid yourself. Single-serving foods are easy to remove from the freezer for meals, recipes or snacks. Some quality products offer upright bottoms with resealable zipper pouches. And, enjoy frozen foods whenever you need them - as long as you need a cup, a spoonful or a scoop. What could be more convenient?

IQF Strawberry Whole

Myth: Frozen foods are not nutritious

Not so. In fact, this myth has been proven to be untrue. Back in 1998, the FDA confirmed that frozen fruits and vegetables provide the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh fruits and vegetables - good news for those seeking healthy foods year-round. Consider this: wild blueberries topped the ORAC chart of 40 foods tested, making them the number one antioxidant fruit - fresh or frozen - it makes no difference.

Myth: Absolutely frozen is not better than fresh

Since the development of a technology called the Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) method, foods can be frozen at the peak of freshness. Some fruits sold fresh are picked early to ensure they don't spoil during the long transportation and storage process, but those that are quick-frozen do not. And, their value does not decline during storage, which is unavoidable for fresh-sold fruit. Freezing means that all your favorite fruits are captured and locked in for the duration.

Myth: Frozen must be more expensive

Not a chance. Frozen fruit is usually expensive compared to seasonal prices. And, you can buy affordable bulk packs because no aging or spoilage means no waste, which adds to the economy.

Frozen Mandarin Oranges

Myth: Freezing means a cloud of ice

Chalk this up to fast freezing technology. IQF means that the integrity of delicate foods like berries is fully preserved. For example, wild blueberries, though small, retain their shape and texture through fast-freezing methods. Because the "I" in IQF stands for individual, frozen berries retain their identity - they do not aggregate into ice balls. They also retain their quality for more than two years. So if you still think that using frozen foods means cutting through the tundra, think again.

Myth: Freezing is harder to use when cooking

That's simply not the case. Performance is top notch with IQF fruits. Blueberries, for example, have excellent performance when used in recipes and retain their structure better when frozen - they can be used in most recipes that call for blueberries. In addition, freezing is a better choice for making frozen, nutrient-rich smoothies.

Merry Christmas

Giving up fruit during the long winter months? How uncool. Every season is perfect for tasting and nutrition. Time for Christmas today, and you can buy the fruits for your restaurants and for your family aggregation.  Contact us for more frozen fruits and vegetables!

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