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Advantages of Frozen Vegetables

Sep. 15, 2020

It has become a habit to consume frozen vegetables abroad. The annual consumption is much larger than the fresh vegetables. The Frozen Vegetable Supplier arranged for us the benefits of frozen vegetables as follows:

1.Nutrition, freshness, nutrition is not inferior or better than fresh vegetables

Frozen vegetables generally complete the process of picking, dicing, washing, freezing, and packaging within 8-10 hours. They are stored at a temperature of minus 18°C to keep them fresh and retain nutrients to the greatest extent.

2. It can completely guarantee that there is no pesticide residue and achieve food safety.

China's frozen vegetables are developed from abroad, and the products are mainly exported. China seldom eats them, so few people know quick-frozen vegetables.

Frozen Vegetables have been in China for 20 years, and the processing technology and procedures have been fully mastered. For quick-frozen vegetables for export, they are supervised by the Chinese Commodity Inspection from the raw materials to the quality of the finished products. Only if they pass the inspection of pesticide residues, heavy metals and microorganisms can they be exported. After the final customer passes the inspection again, it can be sold. The inspections of various departments ensure the absolute safety of frozen vegetables.

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

3. Intensive production reduces the cost of frozen vegetables and the price is close to the people

Frozen vegetables are purchased, picked, processed and produced during the cheapest time of the season. Intensification greatly reduces costs. It can be done completely. In most cases, the price of processed frozen vegetables is much lower than that in the vegetable market.

4. The shelf life of two years is the biggest selling point

Clean vegetables generally have a shelf life of only seven days. Frozen vegetables will not deteriorate for at least two years under an environment of minus 18°C. This allows consumers to avoid waste, and catering companies stock multiple varieties in batches, as long as there is a freezer.

5. Frozen vegetables are widely used

In coastal areas, ships return once a few months after going out to sea for fishing. They can’t eat vegetables at sea, which leads to nutritional failure. Frozen vegetables can completely solve this problem. No need to clean, just cook directly.

6. There are many varieties, available all year round.

Frozen vegetables can cover all imaginable varieties. As long as there is demand, they can be produced during the season and sold throughout the year. Ensure that consumers can eat fresh and safe vegetables throughout the year.

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